Real Madrid Set In Top Condition – Architects Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane confirms where the players are already in excellent condition and nice to undergo mental Champions League final match against Atletico Madrid. Match two teams of the Spanish capital will take place at the weekend in Milan, Italy, despite Los Blancos more favored to be the best but Zidane […]

There is no reason to oust FC Internazionale coach Roberto Mancini them – There is no reason to oust FC Internazionale coach Roberto Mancini them, the season was bad because the results of his leadership is still unsatisfactory for the Giuseppe Meazza in Milan. Much speculation came assess any possible Mancini leadership will soon be replaced by Diego Simeone, who currently occupy the chair position as […]

Accompany Napoli Juventus In Champions League – Yes, Juventus squad is still the mainstay of the Italian Serie A league in the Champions League. However, in the next season coming club based at the Juventus Stadium will be accompanied by Napoli. Their companion in the next season are AS Roma who must go through qualifying to be able to advance […]

a Zidane Praise Blaugrana and Real Madrid Excitement

rsimag.comĀ – Architect mainstay of Real Madrid, namely Zinedine Zidane, saying that the club is very inappropriate Barcelona won La Liga competition this 2015-2016 season. However, he also had praise spirit that the players care. The hunt trophy La Liga this season until the end of the competition fierce. Barca and Madrid became the team who […]

Luis Enrique did not hesitate with his team dilaga determination – There was evasive when the tension was there dipertandingan final determination championship La Liga titles Luis Enrique is confident his team will be fine, he was confident that the boys Catalans are already accustomed to dealing with thriller and will be able to handle it, disputing one point only with Real Madrid in […]

Varane Back Sign coveted United – English giants, Manchester United are believed to be going back to spend substantial funds in the transfer market next this case because of unsatisfactory results should they get this season, the opportunity to play in the Champions League next season looks difficult to achieve despite the odds are still open yet Red Devils […]

Offset Chelsea, the Reds Keep Hope – Liverpool successfully keeping his hopes to penetrate the top six of the Premier League standings 2015-2016 competition after playing a draw with the final score 1-1 when the game counter Chelsea live match continued in the 37th week. One of the leading players Chelsea have the full name Eden Hazard scored a goal […]

Isco is rumored to be the target of forces Turin – After the name Edinson Cavani taken now turn one attacking midfielder in Real Madrid Isco who became the target of forces Turin, after approaching the exchange next summer, many heard from some of the player’s name mainstay being hunted Juventus to be able to reinforce their troops towards the final League season will […]

Mandatory For Juve To Preserve Pogba – One mainstay of the midfield players of Juventus FC in this season that Paul Pogba, to know that it was not surprising at all if the current camp I Bianconerri very work hard to be able to maintain one of their star players belonging mainstay of the team-temptation great team in mainland Europe. […]

Desiring Aubameyang Great To Play In Spain national team

rsimag.comĀ – Pierre Emerick Aubameyang reveal his greatest desire to be able to play in the Spanish national team in the next season later. However, Borussia Dortmund striker is currently awaiting a decision from the Spanish coach. See information at the end of last season, where Aubameyang would otherwise move to other clubs because of certain […]