Bonucci to AC Milan, Chiellini Denies Juventus Weaken

Bonucci to AC Milan, Chiellini Denies Juventus Weaken

Leonardo Bonucci’s departure to AC Milan is clearly a big loss for Juventus. The reason, Bonucci has taken so long as a leader figure in the heart of defense I Bianconeri.

Bonucci went from Juventus after AC Milan recruited him for 42 million euros (Rp 623 billion) in the summer of 2017. Many were surprised by Juventus’ decision to release Bonucci. Various speculations about the reasons for Bonucci’s departure were spreading.

Some call Bonucci quarrel with some Juventus players and coach Massimiliano Allegri. However, the news was immediately denied his wife, Martina. Now, reports are circulating calling Juventus weakened due to the effects of Bonucci’s departure.

Giorgio Chiellini who became Bonucci’s death duet over at Juventus was surprised to hear the assessment. He made sure that the Old Lady showed an increasing graph of both attack and defense.

“Are we weak without Bonucci? I laughed yesterday because I saw a TV show and data they showed We have improved and we are perfect again,” said Chiellini told Football Italia.

Juventus report card

The assessment was probably from Juventus’ report card earlier in the season. Of the seven games in all competitions, they have conceded eight goals, including the defeat of Lazio in the Italian Super Cup and 0-3 from Barcelona in the inaugural Champions League match.

“We know we have to improve a lot, our goal is to get to March and still be involved in the title race of three competitions We are a team that will fight together We are still far from the best performance because we have made many changes,” said Chiellini .


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