Spicy criticism Ribery To Former Bayern coach – Frank RiberyPemain Wings club Bayern Munich, namely Frank Ribery, throwing his hard criticism to the former manager, namely Josep Pep Guardiola, while he became coach of Bayern Munich in the time period 2013 to 2016. Ribery also admitted that he was very unhappy with the philosophy that has been applied by the coach […]

Desiring Aubameyang Great To Play In Spain national team

rsimag.comĀ – Pierre Emerick Aubameyang reveal his greatest desire to be able to play in the Spanish national team in the next season later. However, Borussia Dortmund striker is currently awaiting a decision from the Spanish coach. See information at the end of last season, where Aubameyang would otherwise move to other clubs because of certain […]

Robben Frustration Heavy Current – one winger renowned property of FC Bayern Munchen coming from the land of windmills, the Netherlands, Arjen Robben, to know that he now admits that he feels very frustrated with what is central in nature. Where pemian that berposisikan as an attacking midfielder that is in the know that until now he still […]