Face Madura United, Persegres Not Strengthened Patrick da Silva

Face Madura United, Persegres Not Strengthened Patrick da Silva

Persegres Gresik United can not use the services of Patrick da Silva when entertaining Madura United in the competition continued Liga 1 which will be held at the Petrochemical Stadium, Gresik, Tuesday (26/09/2017) night Agen Bola Sbobet.

That’s because the Brazilian attacker was injured while strengthening team Laskar Joko Samudro defeated PSM Makassar on Friday (22/09/2017) ago.

Patrick is also not seen with the Persegres squad while undergoing training to prepare for Madura United on Monday (25/09/2017).

“Patrick can not take part in the training and may not be able to come down against Madura because of injury time in Makassar and he has asked for absentee’s permission to fight against Madura tomorrow,” said Persihres Media Officer Sahlul Fahmi on the sidelines of a press conference before the game.

To patch the vacant position left by Patrick, the Persegres coach team has tried to prepare a replacement with the possibility of returning to play Gufroni Al Maruf.

The last name also had time to play against PSM as a substitute Patrick who could not continue the game.

“We will try to play Roni (Gufroni).” Yesterday when Patrick injured in the second half against PSM, Roni also went straight and the game progressed, “said Persegres coach Hanafi.

“Only Komar (Komaruddin) is accumulated, but other players are ready, I just do not know Sasa (Zecevic), but today I see his condition has recovered because he attended the training and hopefully can play against Madura,” said Hanafi.

Meanwhile, Jusmadi who was lined up representing Persegres players in a press conference added, the condition of the penggawa Laskar Joko Samudro team is ready to face Madura United and they have forgotten the defeat of the PSM in the previous game.

“Yesterday (losing) we may be less fortunate because my colleagues see the maximum melakoni game, Madurese opponent tomorrow, we are ready and will try hard work,” said Jusmadi.


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