Newcastle United humiliated Tottenham, Benitez Search the Black Goat

Newcastle United humiliated Tottenham, Benitez Search the Black Goat

Newcastle United manager Rafael Benitez questioned the red card posted referee Andre Mariner to Jonjo Shelvey Sbobet Casino. According to him, takel made Shelvey not too dangerous compared to what Harry Kane to their defender Florian Lejeune.

Shelvey was given a straight red card by the referee as the second half entered the third minute. It happened when the former Liverpool midfielder was caught tackling the ankle part of Dele Alli, to make him fall on the pitch.

Alli then managed to open the scoring after the game entered an hour, and Ben Davies perfected with a very quiet final settlement. Seeing these conditions, making Benitez increasingly frustrated.

He also looked for reasons for his team’s defeat. Benitez think Kane should be given a red card. Given the tackle that made the England striker to cause Lejeune suffered a severe injury, and Kane just got a yellow card.

“Harry Kane’s tack is worse than this one (Shelvey). It’s more dangerous. We lost one player from that situation, “said Benitez.

“We made a mistake, but I think maybe someone should analyze it to see who’s more dangerous tackle,”

The Spaniard also regretted the referee’s decision, although he admitted that what Shelvey did was a mistake.

“What I’m going to say is that he (Shelvey) made a mistake. Still, I would love to see if this is a more treacherous situation than Leechune’s back tackle, “he added.

“The hope he (Shelvey) will learn from it. Obviously, he already knows that he made a mistake and has apologized but that does not change anything now, ”

“To get points it should be 0-0 and the chances we got from the bail attack against a good team, unfortunately everything has changed.”

The next party, The Magpies will host Huddersfield Town headquarters who won victory in the first game when shaving Crystal Palace 3-0 at Selhurst Park. (Source: Sky Sports)


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