Persib Pasrah Without Bobotoh In 5 Laga


Persib Pasrah Without Bobotoh In 5 Laga

Persib Manager Umuh Muchtar takes the positive side of punishment from PSSI on Bobotoh Agen Poker Online. He actually hopes this punishment can be a whip for Persib fans.

Persib again get sanction from Discipline Commission of PSSI in the form of prohibition accompanied bobotoh for five games. Namely when facing Perseru Serui (July 29), PS TNI (5 Agusutus), Arema FC (12 August), Sriwijaya FC (August 16) and Persegres Gresik United (20 August).

Bobotoh was convicted of committing prohibited acts such as lighting flares, throwing bottles into the field, beatings to the opposing team’s officials and the commotion and beatings to the opposing fans in the face of Persija Jakarta, July 22, 2017.

“Well this is a very loss of his own Persib very loss and Bobotoh also lose their own gitu right .. What can make, maybe this lesson for us all, this is very painful,” he said, Monday (31/7/2017).

Umuh explained until now his side has not received an answer related to the appeal filed. But he is optimistic Persib can win an appeal and get a leniency.

“We are struggling well hopefully there is a policy of PSSI.Yesterday there is a mistake, hopefully can be happy news, just pray,” he explained.

Previously Persib has to bear the loss of a fine of nearly half a billion dollars due to act bobotoh of 16 matches that have been undertaken skuat Maung Bandung in League 1 competition.


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