Uruguay Defeat Venezuela, Raihan Cavani Goal Record Samai Diego Forlan


rsimag.com – Edinson Cavani went on to become a major star when Uruguay beat Venezuela national team, in a match in 2018 World Cup qualifier Russia, in the Centenario Stadium, Montevideo, Thursday (6/10/016) morning GMT. Striker club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has scored two goals, and successfully brought negeranya winning with a final score of 3-0.

Cavani is able to print as many as two goals in the 46th minute and 79 minutes after his first goal was created utilizing the hard work of Carlos Sanchez. While the second goal was created after a hard kick left foot, after berkeja same as Barcelona have the mainstay players, Luis Suarez. And before Cavani’s second goal, the hosts opened the scoring through Nicolas Lodeiro in the 29th minute. Results riveting when host Venezuela makes Uruguay is ranked top of the standings in 2018 World Cup qualifying zone of South America by collecting 19 points. While Venezuela still ranks second-bottom, which stood at 2 points.

According to Cavani, a pair of goals against La Vinotinto- nickname Venezuela- national team made equaling the record held Diego Forlan. Both players were both collecting 36 goals. Cavani grabbed it in 87 games, compared to 112 party, Forlan. Until now, the top scorers of all time Uruguay national agen casino online team still held Luis suarez, which stood at 46 goals. Uruguay manager Oscar Tabarez said Cavani appearance performance is not maximized, even though he scored two goals. At least, seen some golden opportunities, plus the ability to open space is still not seen from him.

“I think in the next game he will show good growth. Overall, the game team squad is not good enough, because there should be 4-5 goal created, especially after they bermian 10 people. It was certainly very unfortunate for us. Because we can menjcetak many goals when facing Venezuela, “said Tabarez told media.

Greeting the coach is proven on the field. Venezuela played 10 players after defender Oswaldo Vizcarrondo get a red card in the 65th minute. But unfortunately, has the remaining 25 minutes of game time, the home team could only add one goal through the action of Edison Cavani in the 79th minute. Uniquely, the victory of Uruguay is not in line with ball possession. Statistics show, Venezuela win in possession, which amounted to 51 percent. However, the visitors were able to once nemembak only on target, of eight experiments, versus 16 times owned Uruguay.

The manager of Venezuela, Rafael Dudamel said his squad failed to get out of pressure, especially after mamasuki game from the 30th minute. Error in line behind the main factor, in addition to concentration quickly disappear. “The red card just be the effect of our defeat, because we did not perform optimally so that the opponent was able to score two goals in advance,” he explained.

In the next game, Tuesday (11/10/2016), Uruguay will play an away game to the headquarters of Colombia. While the Venezuelan National Team Brazil’s new challenge successfully beat Bolivia 5-0.


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